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Why are your coaches better than others? How do you maintain confidentiality and impartiality?


  • Our approach to coaching starts with our expertise in human behavior. Behind every workplace conflict or communication snafu is a person whose worldview may be different from their colleague or customer.  Admittedly, we have a bias toward executive coaches who have a strong background in organizational behavior. In fact, everyone on our team has a graduate degree in a behavioral science. Our work requires a high degree of confidentiality and our training as behavioral health providers supports that. We approach our work with unconditional regard for all the facts surrounding the issue.

What sets you apart from other firms that work with workplace behaviors?


  • We provide specific organizational consultation that external behavioral health organizations are not equipped to handle--we offer an in-depth look at a situation by collecting information from many directions. WorkBest is an impartial third party that can offer a perspective unhindered by hierarchy, politics, or reporting structures. We work at the highest level in organizations. Our access to Behavioral, Legal, Human Resources, Organizational Development, Risk Assessment, and Operations often supersede the impediments to solving problems that have plagued organizations.

How do you do it?


  • Our BEST (Behavior & Environment Strategic Tool) provides in-depth information about cultural climate, work environment, and change management issues. Conceived and developed to identify systemic and individual information, it is unique in its customization to each client organization. 

What size and type of companies do you work with?


  • Our current clients range from small companies to universities to large multi-national corporations. We work with virtually every type of industry, including both public and private companies, academic institutions; profit and not-for-profit organizations; union and non-union companies. Our network is comprised of seasoned professionals trained in all aspects of workplace behaviors.


Who is your point of contact in an organization?


  • Our point of contact is usually C-level management, Provost, and President level. Often Human Resources or company legal services have identified a chronic situation within a workgroup that presents a liability or challenge for the organization.

What is the cost of your services?


  • The cost of our services is based on several variables. Often, our clients prefer to retain WorkBest on a cost-effective monthly basis. This allows our clients to take a proactive approach to the issues regularly facing the workplace today. We are also available for project work including individual coaching contracts, workgroup assessments, staff briefings, and speaking engagements. We'd be more than happy to talk to you to determine an answer to this question - please call 770.955.2600 to speak with our staff.

Further Questions? 
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